Chapter updates


Meteorite Fall Lands on Woman's Bed


Author Alex Filippenko talks on "Discovering our Celestial Connections" - movie


Observing with Mike Brown on Maunakea


Equinox: The Sun from Solstice to Solstice


Post-Chicxulub Fossils


NASA's InSight on Mars


Explaining the formation of the Moon


NASA's Perseverance and Other Mars Rovers in 2020


Earth's Tectonic Plates Simulation (related to Figure 6-5)


ESA spacecraft flyby of Venus

Public Naming Contest for Latest Moons of Jupiter


Saturn's Rings and Rotation


The Length of A Saturn Day


2019 Meteorite makes hole in doghouse roof

Newly categorized dwarf planet: Hygiea


Complex geology on asteroid 4 Vesta

First TESS results


The Road to the Discovery of Solar Neutrinos


A New Type of Supernova

The second LIGO discovery

Multimedia for LIGO


Seeing the Milky Way in different wavelength bands


Quasar as a Probe of Missing Baryon Mass


The Hubble Constant Over Time


Aid to the Formation of Life on Earth


Redefining the second

Videos for teaching astronomy


Powers of Ten - movie


Christian Doppler and his background and his effect


The European Extremely Large Telescope


New version of figure for Table 3-1


Observing the Midnight Sun


A model Solar System

Search for life from 2020's Mars Rovers


2019: Smallest Ozone Hole in Years


Highlights of the U.S. Global Change Research Program Climate Science Special Report


Moon rocks in 2019


Was Venus once a good home for life?


New Lunar Rocks Show Surface is Surprisingly Young


Visiting the Moon's Uncharted Territory


Extra moon ("mini-moon") orbiting Earth


Motion of the Earth's North Magnetic Pole


Chinese Chang'e 5 Sample-Return Mission Lands on Moon, 2020


50 Years of Lunar Science Since Apollo 11


Revolutionary mission to explore Saturn's largest moon


Rings of Uranus Imaged in the Infrared


Additional Moon for Neptune


Juno at Jupiter


Jupiter in all kinds of light


Saturn's Rings May Disappear Sooner than we Thought


Tektites, iridium, and fish fossils from the dinosaur extinction event


2019 Meteor Trail like Chelyabinsk's


The Hunt for Planet 9


NASA to Launch "Lucy" to Trojan Asteroids


Ceres Deposits


Updated exoplanet plots for Chapter 9


NASA's Eyes on Exoplanets


Habitable conditions for Super-Earth exoplanet


Parker Solar Probe Nears the Sun


A new neutrino telescope in Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia


The Hyper-Kamiokande Project is Officially Approved


30 Year Supernova Time Lapse


Crystal White Dwarfs


Black holes may have soft hair (say Stephen Hawking and colleagues)


2017 Nobel prize in Physics awarded for detection of gravitational waves


LIGO discussed on NPR


Citizen scientists re-tune Hubble's galaxy classification


See the Milky Way in a whole new light


Hubble Images the Whole Triangulum Galaxy


Renaming Hubble's Law to the Hubble-Lemaître Law


Cosmology Discrepancy Increases


Breakthrough Listen publishes largest release of SETI data in the history of the field

Messaging ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence


Jill Tarter, model for protagonist of Contact movie, interviewed


Smallest object's gravity measured


Prefixes for Large Numbers: Beyond the Yottabyte