Observing the Midnight Sun

Photographed by Evan Zucker from Iceland; composited by his son Cameron Zucker: 85 photos at about a 4-minute interval: This image is a time-lapse composite of the Midnight Sun taken from 12:51 to 2:16 AM GMT on June 21, 2018.

Photos were taken with a Sony RX10 iii, 1/100 second, f/11, ISO 64, at 100-mm effective focal length. Evan Zucker took these photos from atop Bolafjall mountain in northwestern Iceland at the site of the former Latrar Air Station, now known as Radar Site H-4. Latitude was 65° 19′ 6.6″ N at an elevation of about 2,030 feet. He was about 23 nautical miles south of the Arctic Circle, but his elevation and atmospheric refraction enabled him to see the Midnight Sun with the bottom of the solar disc well above the horizon.

A similar image may be found as Figure 4-28, pp. 96-97, taken during the 2012 transit of Venus.